AdventHealth Medical Group offers the latest innovations in sports medicine to keep professional athletes running at peak performance, as well as help weekend warriors comfortably reach there maximum potential.

Aside from treating the normal aches, pains and strains brought about by sports-related activities, our sports medicine physicians specialize in the following advanced procedures:

  • Compartment Syndrome Treatment - When severe swelling in the layers of thick tissue (or fascia) in the arms and legs occurs following an injury or accident, it can apply excess pressure on surrounding blood vessels and nerves. A specialized surgical procedure by a sports doctor can relieve the pressure and prevent long-term pain and damage.

  • Diagnostic and Procedural Musculoskeletal Ultrasonography - Using pulses of high-frequency waves, this painless test helps sports doctors examine soft tissue and cartilage, as well as bone surfaces and fluid-filled structures of the body. It often is used to diagnose conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, gout, lower back conditions, fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis.

  • Non-Surgical Orthopedics and Rehabilitation - Skilled orthopedists and physical therapy experts evaluate and treat patients with injuries of the muscles, ligaments and joints so patients can return to there normal activities without pain.

  • Orthobiologics - To improve natural healing of broken bones and injured muscles, as well as ligaments and tendons, orthopedic doctors often fill the gaps around the injury with special substances. In addition, stem cells can be used to speed recovery.

  • Physical Therapy - At PT, you’ll learn how to move your body for work, home and sport. Your individualized treatment plan will help relieve pain, mobilize joints, and provide education and techniques to prevent re-injury. You can now go directly to physical therapy (PT) without a physician referral visit

  • Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) - To promote faster healing, this therapy extracts platelets from a patient's own blood, processes it in a laboratory, and injects it directly into the injury site.

  • Prolotherapy - This nonsurgical treatment performed in the sports clinic involves injecting an irritant solution into a joint tissue, weakened ligament or tendon to relieve pain related to back conditions, tendinitis and osteoarthritis.

  • Regenerative Medicine - This branch of research in tissue engineering focuses on replacing, engineering or regenerating human cells, tissues or organs to help them regain normal function. This is normally used for patients experiencing conditions that are untreatable or beyond repair.

  • Stem Cell Recruitment - Commonly used to aid in the healing process following an injury or surgery, stem cells can be extracted from bone marrow, lipid cells or the blood, than reintroduced into the body by a sports medicine physician.


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