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AdventHealth Medical Group offers the widest array of pediatric care in the Central Florida. We understand that finding the best pediatrician for your child is one of the most important decisions you'll make for his or her overall wellbeing.

Our pediatric associates and staff offer a broad range of services, from treating common colds and ear infections, to diagnosing and managinh chronic conditions. And it's all done in a kid-friendly envirnoment where children have a voice and parents feel heard.

Well-baby and well-child visits are the core of pediatric care to ensure the child is current on all immunizations, reaching developmental milestones and thriving. In addition, pediatricians work closely with patients and their families to instill the importance of healthy habits for a lifetime. Good nutrition for healthy weight management is important to pediatric health, as well as proper hygiene and mental health. For pre-teens and teenagers in particular, high risk health habits commonly driven by peer presure are even addresed, when needed.


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Hernias, Dr. Francisco Couto

Portion Control, Dr. Angela Fals

Matias: A Heart Story

New Year’s Resolutions, Dr. Angela Fals

Depression, Irma Acosta, PA-C

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