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A Care Network for All Your Medical Needs

The Florida Hospital Care Network includes a vast array of services and locations across Central Florida to provide your family with the medical services you need, when and where you need than. From top-rated pediatricians and family madicine physicians to landing specialists in cardiology, cancer care, women's health, general surgery and more, our doctor are part of a connected, complete healthcare system that you know you can trust

Whatever type of medical care you seek, you'll find it within our network. Our convinient neighborhood locations and "eCare" services including online doctor visits on your smartphone or tablet make it easy to keep your family connected to outstanding medicalcare.



What is Acid Reflex?

Stroke Awareness Month, Dr. Indrani Acosta

Urinary Infections, Dr. Angel Gonzalez



Men: Make Preventive Health Care a Priority

November is Men’s Health Awareness Month, and, as a man, you have unique health care needs that affect your body, mind and spirit. Make it a goal to understand your current health and your risk factors for certain health conditions. It’s up to you...

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